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Terrible nail bar.

The staff had been getting more rude each time attending for infills. I had been attending this nail salon for approx 6 years and now I will most certainly never EVER return after the disgusting treatment received this morning.
Following my nails all breaking two days after having them done - I thought I’ll go in and see them and there will be no issue having them fixed (after all being a regular customer for numerous years). I was informed by Francis I would have to wait an hour and a half as there was a queue. Now usually I would appreciate that there is a queueing system operated in these type of salons, however, considering I had taken time to attend two days earlier, without my children, I did NOT expect to be returning on a Saturday when it is the busiest day of the week, and with two young children. After stating I felt an hour and a half was a bit wrong, I sat and waited until it was my turn. I was then called and the lady who had infilled my nails two days prior, sat me down whilst having a go at me, stating that it was somehow my fault.. I said that I wanted them fixed and she continued to complain at me to which I said the staff are rude and I didn’t deserve to be spoken to this way. Francis then said I started an argument and handed me my money back for the infill suggesting I should then leave rather than fixing the issue. This is how they treat their regular customers so my advice would to go elsewhere! It seems to me that they feel they are superior and don’t need to keep people happy as they have a large client base. I will be passing on my experience so hopefully others do not go here.

Much politer and kinder staff elsewhere!

Avoid this place ?   13-07-19