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I live, work and study in Chelmsford and recently had a problem with my car. One of my customers highly recommended I go to Trinity Motors on Springfield road, Chelmsford and they'd look after me... BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! I took my car in to get checked and they said they didn't know what was wrong with it so I'd have to leave it there to be hooked up to a computer to find out (which was fine, bearing in mind I'm a 20 year old female who doesn't know much when it comes to the mechanical side of cars). I'd left my car there for half a day only to come back and be told that they still don't know exactly what is wrong with my car but hey they've changed the spark plugs in the mean time because that "might" fix it, if not then I'll need the coil pack changed too to see if that helps. Now, Not only was I frustratingly annoyed that work had been done on my car without my say so.. But they charged me a ridiculous £68.16 to do so!!! At the time I paid the damage as I thought necessary but having driven my car for about 20miles and it feeling no better I quickly got irritated at the matter. This forced me to drive down to halfords and see how much a set of spark plugs for my car would cost and when I was told only £4 I was upset, I felt so vulnerable, it was horrible to know that I put my trust and confidence in a company and they were happy to rip me off. Believe me I'll never go back there again! I would advise women of all ages to do your research on car parts before you go to these guys as they WILL take advantage.    18-10-15
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