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This is an absolutely disgusting company. I applied for a job through them and was successful is securing a interview. I then informed the company that I was attending the interview only to be met by a rude and unnecessarily aggressive member of their team. I was berated without being heard. I asked to speak to this young ladies manger and it was very clear that I was passed on to her co worker, as I was met with the same rude aggressiveness that was impenetrable to reasoning and understanding. I tried to raise the issue to this other member of staff who simply said that I was being rude for trying to explain my situation and why her co worker was shouting at me. Avoid this awful company. They are disrespectful and simply classless human beings motivated by money and their parents anger issues that clearly still haunt them as they cant stand simply suggesting that they may be wrong. Avoid, avoid avoid.    11-04-17
Tags: avoid this company like the plague